ABN Case Study

Forest & Trees is being extensively used to access SCORE data as well as data from other platforms. The bank is increasingly relying on F&T applications to meet its DSS and Reporting requirements.

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Retail Banking BIA

This solution is developed with a view to generate proactive analysis of information and reports so that the bankers can get answers to key questions in retail banking.

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Sales & Marketing BIA

This solution is designed to present, evaluate and analyze marketing initiatives and performances. The decision makers can get a better understanding of marketing functions; focus better by getting to the depth of information.

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Bank Analyser

The Bank Analyser demo acts as a indicator of the rich functionality and gives an idea of how F&T can be creatively and effectively used by the bank.

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BI for SAP/R3

You can save time and money in compiling error free MIS information from SAP R/3 data sources and combine it with other information sources.

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BI for Financial and Broking Business

Managing an increasingly complex product/service portfolio is one challenge financial services and broking business now face on a regular basis. In order to face this growing set of challenges an effective BI solution is required that allows for shared, defined access to information, to understand a much broader range of customer activity.

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