1. Siemens Information Systems Limited (SISL) : Squeezing relevant data out of SAP

An SEI-CMM Level 5, PCMM Level 3 and ISO 9001 company, Mumbai-based Siemens Information Systems Limited (SISL) is a Systems Integrator and Total Solutions Provider. SISL provides software solutions to a global clientele in the areas of telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, the public sector, utilities and government. SISL's esteemed lineage from Siemens and Siemens Business Services, Europe's undisputed leader in IT, provides it the exclusive benefits of being able to constantly identify newer opportunities and exploit emerging technologies to fulfill the IT needs of diverse businesses globally. It is also the largest provider of SAP R/3, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, in India.

The Challenge: Turning Data Into Useful Information

Since SISL provides ERP solutions to its customers, timely access to data and optimum network performance is critical. SISL needed a flexible solution that could provide dynamic analysis of its data. Due to adverse effects on network performance, IT did not encourage proactive analysis on the SAP server. In addition, because existing data could not be combined with non-SAP data, separate analysis was required. SISL had to locate the information buried within its various databases, hampering it from getting a complete picture of its business trend

The Solution:

CleverPath™ Forest & Trees Enables Dynamic Data Analysis. Using CleverPath™ Forest & Trees from Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA), Pranali Consultants, a CA solution partner, developed a business intelligence application for SISL that could extract data from SAP and other applications.

2. ABN AMRO Bank N. V.

ABN AMRO Bank N. V.(the bank), India is the Indian counterpart of the international ABN AMRO group with head quarters at Netherlands. The Indian operations come under the Asia Regional Office at Singapore. ABN AMRO (India) has branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Baroda, Hyderabad , Bangalore and Noida with each branch servicing multi-product relationships.

The Challenge

The bank has implemented the SCORE system, which is the bank’s worldwide standard in countries having a maximum of 15 branches. The SCORE system runs on IBM’s AS-400 mainframe machines located at Madras and Mumbai. All the branches update and access the data from SCORE at Madras. The data is transferred to libraries on Mumbai machine on a periodic (currently monthly) basis to relieve the processing load from the main machine at Madras and the bank plans to provide access to the Mumbai machine to all the other branches for reporting purposes.

The Solution:

CleverPath™ Forest & Trees Platinum’s Forest & Trees (F&T) was chosen over the other data access and reporting tools because of its ease of access of the AS-400 data on SCORE and its strong functionality in building GUI based Decision Support Systems (DSS). F&T has been extensively used to access SCORE data as well as data from other platforms and the bank is increasingly relying on F&T applications to meet its DSS and Reporting requirements. F&T applications have been designed for Consumer Banking, Corporate Banking, Forex, Risk Control and Accounting and Finance functions of the Bank. Pranali Consultants have developed and distributed reporting and other applications (covering more than 100 reports) across various branches to meet the Internal reporting, Management reporting and the Statutory reporting requirements of the bank. Appropriate security has been designed in the applications so that information may be accessed only by the concerned levels and users.

3. K.R. Choksey Securities and Financial Services Pvt. Ltd : Relevant data makes happy business

Kisan Ratilal Choksey Shares & Securities is a Full Service Broking House offering complete financial solutions. The broking house has the trend for growth oriented investment with their proven methodology and in-depth fundamental research. With an unparalleled track record in terms of services to our clientele, the key ingredient for there success has been there dedicated customer focus and capital growth through structured counseling and sound financial advice.

The Challenge

With over 14000 investors, KRC needed to enable informed decision making by eliminating hunch-based decisions; enhance communication and joint planning functions and lines of business; and respond quickly to financial conditions, customer preferences and supply chain operations.

The Solution:

We have ready frameworks which can be used for rapidly developing the above processes. Rather than developing them from scratch, these frameworks may be customized for rapidly developing the above processes. These frameworks give excellent jumpstart to our customers in putting in place Data Warehouses. Customizing these frameworks gives significant advantage to our customers as the best practices and proven development and implementation experience is built into these frameworks.